Wild Caught Sockeye Salmon Fillets

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Rising Tide Sockeye Salmon Skin-On Fillets are bursting with flavor and great for a wide range of cooking methods. Sockeye Salmon is fantastic paired with some lemon, thyme, rosemary, and garlic for a simple-yet-sublime family meal, or with bell peppers and capers for a bolder flavor. For more recipe ideas, visit risingtideseafood.com. Driven by our desire to connect people to real seafood at an everyday value, we’re committed to providing simple, tasty ingredients you can use to craft healthy and wholesome means your entire family can enjoy. Bring home the best with Rising Tide Sockeye Salmon Skin-On Fillets.

Rising Tide Sockeye Salmon Skin-On Fillets

  • Raw fish, ready to cook
  • Frozen
  • Individually vacuumed sealed
  • Wild caught, MSC Certified
  • Lean source of protein
  • High in Omega-3 fatty acids, great source of vitamins and minerals

Recipes Using Rising Tide Sockeye Salmon

Plated shot of maple salmon

Maple Salmon

  Each bite of this Maple Glazed Salmon is sweet, perfectly seasoned and bursting with melt in your mouth flavor.  This is the ultimate weeknight dinner that takes just a few minutes to make.

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Plated shot of honey-glazed salmon

Honey Baked Salmon

  Honey baked salmon has sweet and tangy flavors that shine in this seafood dinner. A salmon fillet coated in honey garlic sauce gets baked to a flaky finish. An amazing dinner in just 30 minutes, you’re going to love

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